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The Potential Impact of ChatGPT

February 13, 2023

ChatGPT is artificial intelligence that writes for you, which can include letters, song lyrics, research papers, recipes, poems, essays, outlines, even software code. Despite its clunky name (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), within five days of its launch, more than a million people were using it. Dr. Liran Ma, TCU computer science professor, explains the potential opportunities and challenges with this new-age language generation model.
photo of Dr. Williams
students at Mercy Clinic
man working a sound booth
photo of Whitney Sullivan
photo of Tim Schwartz
Ray Sequin, Class of 2020
Dr. Greg Scheideman ’77, Dr. Bill Runyon, Jr. ’84, and Dr. David Kostohyrz, Jr. ’01 each started their academic journey at TCU before becoming oral surgeons.

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