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Dean's Message

photo of Phil Hartman
Welcome to the College of Science & Engineering at TCU!

Our promise statement “Where open doors open minds” reflects our approach to education and scholarship. Namely, we are a college with world-class faculty who function as true teacher-scholars. CSE faculty open the minds of our students and engage in active scholarship, whether the subject is as large as the universe, as small as a sub-atomic particle, or as abstract as a mathematical theorem. Our goal is to propagate both knowledge and excitement to our students, whether in the classroom, our offices, our research laboratories or the field.

Your TCU degree from the College of Science & Engineering will take you great places, and we’ll always be cheering you on. We are also much more than a conduit to a great job, graduate or medical school – although these are well-traveled paths. This is because we are committed to the principles of diversity and equality, and we strive to make the College as inclusive as possible. Simply stated, we believe a STEM education is hollow without these values inculcated firmly throughout.

Thank you for your interest in a place we consider to be unique and special. We hope you will come to feel the same way about the College of Science & Engineering.

Phil Hartman

Dean, College of Science & Engineering
Professor of Biology