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Michael Slattery, director of the Institute for Environmental Studies, appears in the latest episode of EarthxTV's Kids in Conservation. Ten-year-old hostess and conservationist, Brooke Carter, visits the Amakhala Game Reserve with Slattery and learns about rhino conservation, as well as the role TCU plays in saving the species. Under Slattery’s guidance, Carter goes into the field and takes part in a rhino procedure while also observing the behaviors of these gentle giants in their natural environment.

EarthxTV is the largest streaming platform dedicated to the future of our planet. From climate action, biodiversity, sustainability, community, diversity and more, EarthxTV offers 300+ hours of free television programs. Other episodes of Kids in Conservation feature giraffe collaring, maintaining healthy bee populations, and the importance of healthy oceans.


TCU’s Rhino Initiative was launched in 2014 by Slattery, director of the Institute for Environmental Studies. Teaming up with South African wildlife vet, Will Fowlds, who also appears in this episode, the Institute helps save the rhino and ensures its long-term survival. Standing face to face daily with the bloody horror of rhino poaching, Fowlds conducts life-saving surgery on poached rhinos and is involved in a wide range of conservation initiatives.

Learn more about the Institute for Environmental Studies and the TCU Rhino Initiative and EarthxTV’s Kids in Conservation.