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There was some big news this month in the College of Science & Engineering. TCU’s Department of Environmental Sciences was officially renamed the Department of Environmental and Sustainability Sciences. Mike Slattery, chair of the Department of Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, says, “The name change more accurately reflects the department’s recent curriculum changes, collective scholarship, and primary goal of preparing the next generation of scientists to meet the world’s most pressing environmental challenges in equitable, inclusive ways that support transitions to a sustainable future.”

The department has long directed its research, teaching, and outreach toward solving problems of the environment and provided classroom, research, and field-based experiences to enable students to become strong scientists and ethical leaders in their professions. Slattery says, “Sustainability science, which is an evolving academic discipline, probes interactions between global, social, and human systems and the rather complex drivers that lead to the degradation of these systems. As responsible citizens in the global community, a core tenet of our mission statement, our students need to be grounded in making decisions that preserve the values of environmental, economic, and social responsibility.”

Learn more about TCU’s Department of Environmental and Sustainability Sciences.

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