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Samantha Singer – Class of 2019


by: Anna Kathryn Groom, CSE communications intern

Samantha Singer is a senior child development major who is taking TCU by storm. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Singer was originally drawn to TCU because of her Disciples of Christ church back home. After taking a visit with her youth group during her senior year of high school, Singer fell in love with the TCU campus, the people and the overall atmosphere. Originally a nursing major, Singer was drawn to the opportunities offered in the school at TCU. After spending some time in the nursing school and pursuing a minor in Spanish for health professions, Singer felt called to child development because of her love for children. She switched her major and has never looked back.

female student playing with a baby

Samantha Singer (courtesy photo)

In May 2018, Singer accompanied 16 fellow students as well as staff from the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development (KPICD) on an experiential learning trip to China. They stayed at Maria’s Big House of Hope and helped care for the children there, who have acute medical and special needs. They were able to follow the children’s lead, work with their nannies (called “ayis”), and even attend a birthday party. The students were able to contrast the intervention methods taught in the classroom at TCU to how it was used in China. Singer said, “It was amazing to go to this place and see pure joy. It was especially cool for me because I’m adopted from South Korea, so it was interesting to see how the process worked.” Singer knows that her experience abroad will be beneficial as she pursues a career in the child development field.

After going abroad, Singer had an important revelation. She reflected, “I realized that I don’t necessarily have to go abroad to make a huge difference. Coming back here…I can still make an impact in America.” And she’s doing just that.

Singer has been working at the local Brain Balance Achievement Center in Fort Worth and helping with assessments for children who might join the program. She says, “I help with assessments to see what kind of treatment they’ll need. We assess whether they’re right-brain-weak or left-brain-weak. We then do a four-to-six-month program doing exercises to help them strengthen their brain.” Singer also mentioned the importance of Brain Balance’s holistic approach. She said, “We don’t use medicines. We use a well-rounded, holistic approach including the exercises and a diet which cuts out sugars, gluten and various other things.”

Not only does Singer spend her time helping sensory coaches, but she also hopes to start a nonprofit one day. She helped bring a therapeutic camp for foster children to TCU through the KPICD and served as the co-assistant director. Known as Hope Connection 2.0 Camp, this camp covered everything from games for the children to parent training for parents with adopted children.

Through her work abroad, at TCU and her experience at Brain Balance, Singer is gaining the knowledge and skills she needs to pursue her career goals. She is incredibly grateful for her time here at TCU and has applied to pursue a Master’s of Science in Complex Developmental Trauma here at TCU after graduation. Singer said, “TCU is so amazing in general. I was given the freedom to help bring Hope Connection 2.0 here and I have received so much support from the College of Science & Engineering staff and TCU as a whole.” In the future, Singer hopes to bring her nonprofit experience to TCU and create a relationship between Brain Balance, the nonprofit and the Karyn Purvis Institute.


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