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Lindsey Elliot – Class of 2018


by: Paige Ruedy, CSE communications intern

Senior Lindsey Elliott is one of nine female engineering majors in her graduating class, and her tenure at TCU has been nothing short of positive and impactful. Her success at TCU has led to some exciting opportunities following her graduation in May 2018.

Elliott discovered her interest for engineering as a senior at Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas, when she attended an information session at Pennsylvania State University, her father’s alma mater. The speaker for the session was a female engineering student who was explaining her research and work on roller coasters. This intrigued Elliott, and she thought, “This is so cool, I should really look into this!”

Lindsey Elliot, courtesy photo

After graduating from high school, Elliott matriculated to TCU as a mechanical engineering and math double major. She has had a positive experience as a female engineer at TCU due to the close-knit nature of the program.

Elliott explained that the TCU engineering department is open and welcoming to female engineers. Although the ratio of female engineers at TCU reflects the male-dominated industry as a whole, the engineering department offers many resources that provide labs to allow for hands-on experience, teamwork and collaboration across the major. Elliott mentioned that all of the TCU engineering majors have a healthy relationship with each other, which has been “such a blessing.”

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