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Cassy Wind, Class of 2019

by: Lindy Lamme, CSE communications intern

Senior Cassy Wind was a California-girl who had her heart set on staying in-state for college, but when her mother encouraged her to visit Fort Worth, she instantly felt at home in the city and on campus. Ever since, Wind has rocked TCU’s world with her academic successes, insightful research and bubbly personality.

Even as an eighth-grader, Wind dreamed of a career in engineering. She became fascinated with the field after her middle school science teacher took her class on a tour of SpaceX. Since then, she has found that the College of Science & Engineering (CSE) has exceeded her expectations for learning opportunities thanks to her peers and professors. She said, “my professors have been so supportive and helpful. They have truly pushed me to become a better version of myself in my academics, my career and as a person.”

Cassy Wind (courtesy photo)

Aside from being an outstanding student, Wind wears many hats around campus. To name a few, she is a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, Society of Women Engineers, and TCU FSAE along with being a research and teacher’s assistant in the CSE. Wind also served as a Panhellenic rho gamma where she guided young women through sorority recruitment and as a Frog Camp facilitator for two summers. “Being a rho gamma and a Frog Camp facilitator provided some of my most precious memories I’ve made at TCU. I loved getting the chance to meet all of the incoming freshmen and people I normally wouldn’t cross paths with because of my busy schedule,” Wind said.

Wind has a lot to show for her time spent in the CSE. In summer 2018 she collaborated with Curtis Larsen, professor of professional practice in engineering, on a project to debug an inverted pendulum. She also worked on a “swarming code” to program the random swarming effects in nature, such as with fish, birds and insects. “The research I did over the summer was huge for me because I was able to take a lot of the things I had learned in the past and apply it,” said Wind. She is currently brainstorming a topic with her professors for her next research project.

Between her research, school and extracurricular activities, Wind likes to spend her free time surrounded by her friends. Wind and her friends have even set a goal for their senior year to attend every TCU football game – at home and away.

After she graduates in May, Wind hopes to attend graduate school in Texas or California. She also expects to one day earn her doctorate, and start a family. Her positive experience as a teaching assistant has even opened her eyes to the possibility of returning to TCU after her retirement to teach and inspire students as her professors have inspired her.

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