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November 2015 e-Newsletter

The College of Science & Engineering turns 15

15yrsInstagramFBFifteen years ago, the TCU College of Science & Engineering (CSE) was formed, and through the years it has stayed true to the character of providing focused and personalized educations in science.






Engineering students build electric car


An engineering project initiated more than eight years ago is nearly complete. A team of student engineers, along with supervisors Stephen Weis, professor, and Mark Roegels, machine shop technician, both in the Department of Engineering, crafted an electric car from old car pieces and other materials.



Wildlife Conservation Summer Study Abroad in South Africa

IMG_9015 Do you have what it takes to measure a rhino’s temperature? Michael Slattery, professor in the School of Geology, Energy & the Environment (SGEE) and director of the Institute for Environmental Studies, and his colleague Victoria “Tory” Bennett, assistant professor in SGEE, and their 15 students sure do.



Solutions for Success: Woman in science makes strides in the workplace

(courtesy photo)

A strong foundation in science from TCU was a fundamental career catalyst for Kathryn “Kate” Bretscher ’82, a successful, entrepreneurial woman working at 3M in St. Paul, Minnesota. Bretscher built her career in research and development while working for a start-up company in medical diagnostics and two Fortune 500 companies, Bayer and 3M.






Nutrition faculty named an Academy Fellow

anne vanbeber Anne VanBeber, department chair and professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences, is now a Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. VanBeber has been a member of the TCU community for 24 years and a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for 27 years.







Adventure awaits: CSE faculty awarded Fulbright U.S. Scholar

mauricio papiniMauricio R. Papini, professor and chair of the Department of Psychology, had the experience of a lifetime during his stay in Spain as a Fulbright U.S. Scholar. The Fulbright program provides students and faculty members the opportunity to attend schools, teach or do research at universities throughout the world.







Energy for a Cause

Photo by Andrea Hein

A local project utilized talent from College of Science & Engineering (CSE) faculty and undergraduate students in engineering to contribute to an outdoor learning center in Azle, Texas. Morgan Kiani, assistant professor of engineering, volunteered as a collaborator for the project due to her research expertise in wind energy and energy harvesting issues.







Student receives UPE Special Recognition Award

Duy Dang (courtesy photo)

Duy Dang, a fifth-year senior business information systems and computer science double major, received the Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) Special Recognition Award.






To the Bat Count, Robin!

Eastern Red bat (photo by Tory Bennett)

In the United States and Canada, bats are currently threatened by disease and land-use change. More specifically, a fungus known as White Nose-Syndrome (WNS) has led to the deaths of millions of hibernating cave-dwelling bats since 2006.








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