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The zoo enrichment course returns


By: Paige Ruedy, CSE communication intern

TCU offered its unique zoo enrichment course for the second time during the fall 2017 semester. The course involves researching and discovering the ecology of the animals at the Fort Worth Zoo, and creating the enrichment toys in the TCU lab.

The interdisciplinary course, which originated in 2015, includes students from both art and science departments working together to develop items that encourage the natural behaviors animals would exhibit in the wild.

Students from various majors such as art and sculpture, biology, ecology and environmental science collaborated to create various enrichment toys for multiple species at the Fort Worth Zoo.

The students focused on creating structures for mostly primates, such as bonobos, gorillas and ring-tailed lemurs, but they created enrichment toys for giraffes as well.

The structures were installed earlier this week and students will present their objects on Dec. 6th from 2-5pm at the Fort Worth Zoo.

Learn more about the course.

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