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July 2017 e-newsletter

Computer scientist creates hearing aid app

Hearing is one of our most critical senses. Computer Science Associate Professor Liran Ma is developing an iPhone-based application to create opportunity and access to affordable, effective and easy-to-use hearing aids.






Biotechnology and engineering

For individuals with memory or speech disorders, or traumatic brain injury, determining the debilitated areas of the brain can be expensive and invasive. Tristan Tayag and Steve Weis, professors of engineering, and their student-research team have been tasked with creating an alternative non-invasive method of measuring brain waves.





Global Research Endeavors

CSE faculty members collaborate with scientists around the world with the goal of producing the best research in their focus area. These collaborations sometimes involve bringing scientific scholars from across the globe to campus to partner in research.



Project NExT selects TCU Instructors as Fellows

Drs. Emily Herzig and Drew Tomlin join Dr. Eric Hanson as fellows in the Mathematical Association of America’s Project NExT (New Experiences in Teaching).




Exploring the skies

The planets, stars and galaxies beyond our skies are the subjects of several student research projects in the CSE. Assistant Professor Kat Barger and her undergraduate and graduate researchers examine galaxies and galactic gas movement through the use of observatories around the world and in space.





Research Notes

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