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TCU is involved in conservation and preservation efforts. This Earth Day, we look back at stories on how the College of Science & Engineering is making an impact, both locally and globally.

Grant Awarded to Improve Animal Welfare
Associate Professor of Biology Marlo Jeffries and co-PI Dalton Allen M.S. ’21 were awarded a $10,164 grant from the American Association of Laboratory Animal Sciences to study whether toxicological tests that feature marine fish embryos or invertebrates can replace those that use marine fish larvae.

John Holbrook Speaks on Geothermal Energy Taking Off in Texas
The TCU geological sciences professor is an outspoken advocate for greater investment in geothermal production, especially as Texas continues to encounter questions over its dependence on natural gas to produce electricity.

TCU Biology Professor Responds to Breakthrough in Horned Frog Reintroduction Efforts
A team of Texas horned lizard conservationists including Dean Williams reached a major milestone with the successful release of the 1,000th captive-born reptile. Working to restore their decimated numbers, the Fort Worth Zoo partnered with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and TCU on reintroduction methodologies.

Confluence of Art and Science
A massive, hyper-realistic drawing masterfully captures a team of TCU students on the Amakhala Game Reserve assisting in rhino procedures performed by South African wildlife vet, Will Fowlds. “The Rescue” was commissioned by TCU Alumnus Larry Brogdon after a trip to South Africa where he had a life-changing rhino experience.

Examining Power Quality on TCU Campus
Last year a collaborative effort was launched by TCU’s Department of Engineering, the TCU Electrical Department and the multi-disciplinary engineering firm of Baird, Hampton & Brown in Fort Worth to assess the power quality in TCU buildings. 

Michael Slattery Appears on EarthxTV’s ‘Kids in Conservation’
The director of the Institute for Environmental Studies appears in the latest episode of EarthxTV's Kids in Conservation. He visits the Amakhala Game Reserve and talks about rhino conservation, as well as the role TCU plays in saving the species.

For more conservation efforts being made across TCU campus, go here.

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