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After last year’s need to shift the Student Research Symposium (SRS) online due to the pandemic, the College of Science & Engineering is thrilled to welcome back students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the 2022 SRS on April 22 in Tucker Technology Center. Participation in the Symposium offers students practical experience in giving presentations in a professional but relaxed setting. It is also a fun social event where students can learn about research in other departments in the College.

Victoria Adeleke, senior biology major, is participating in SRS this year for the first time. She says, “I believe that the greatest benefit of participating in the SRS is that it provides the opportunity for students to practice and develop important communication and presentation skills that will be necessary for not only our undergraduate experience but also for our professional careers.” 

This year’s SRS keynote speaker is Sara Lynne Stokes, a well-respected American statistician at Southern Methodist University where she is a professor of Statistical Science. Stokes is an expert in surveys, polls and sampling, as well as in non-sampling survey errors, such as errors by interviewers and respondents. She also contributes to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, or “Nation’s Report Card,” examining the way schools and students are selected for the large study.

The SRS takes place on all levels of Tucker Technology Center, and visitors will enjoy refreshments and live music as they learn about the exciting research CSE students are conducting. Learn more about the Student Research Symposium.

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