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Associate professor of chemistry, Kayla Green, Ph.D., received a $240,000 award from The Welch Foundation in June. As one of the nation’s largest private funding sources for fundamental chemical research at universities, colleges, and other education institutions in Texas, The Welch Foundation granted funding of more than $23 million for 2021.

Green says, “We (The Green Research Group) are so honored to be supported by the Welch Foundation, which has strong historical ties to the TCU Chemistry & Biochemistry PhD Program. These funds will allow us to explore new synthetic strategies to produce antioxidant small molecules. The ability of these new molecules to stop oxidative stress will then be characterized as a means of developing treatment for Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.”

The Green Research Group’s current research focus includes working toward the development of responsive electrochemical biosensors for biomarkers associated with cancer and MRI contrast agents for diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and others. Green previously received the 2019 TCU Deans’ Research and Creativity Award and was awarded the ACS Women Chemist Committee Rising Star Award at the ACS National Meeting in the spring of last year.  

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