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College of Science & Engineering



How did your journey lead you to choose a STEM field of study?

My journey has led me to choose STEM in that most of my high school career was centered toward technology, robotics, and engineering. During my high school career, I partook in engineering classes, computer science classes, coding classes, engineering camps over the summer, and some chemistry, just in case I needed some experience in the science field. During my senior year of high school, I enrolled in a class named “Independent Study and Mentorship,” where I was mentored by an electrical engineer to learn more from that field. The electrical engineer, Dr. Fahimi, was also in the renewable energy field, which is also what I am interested in due to my fascination with technology and my experience throughout high school.

How do you believe studying in a STEM field will help you make a positive impact on the world?

Studying in a STEM field is one of the top ways to make a direct impact on the world. Being a part of the STEM field allows one to make a positive impact by taking part in discovering new ways to improve the world while also making sure our world stays safe. While studying in a STEM field, you are preparing to help create significant innovations and discoveries that will be revolutionary. These innovations and discoveries help promote modern technology and improve our daily lives in so many ways. In the STEM field, the possibilities are endless on how you can impact the world in a positive way. The only limit is the one you put on yourself.

What drew you to TCU?

Firstly, it is a beautiful campus. Every day I walk around campus, and I am in awe of the nature on campus. Not only that, but the community at TCU drew me. When I first visited TCU on a tour, I was surprised to find that everyone here is welcoming, warm-hearted, and always willing to help. I am meeting so many great people. Additionally, the sports attracted me to TCU. I have been following TCU football for a while, yet being at a game is extraordinary. When I attended a football game last year, the atmosphere on the field during the game was intense and electric, and the feeling was surreal. The engineering program is also top tier at TCU. So to make the biggest impact on the world, TCU is the place to be. My older sister is a junior, so I have family on campus. As a matter of fact, my family lives in Plano, which is only an hour drive from TCU. This is such a blessing because I can visit them when I need to. For all of those reasons, I believe that TCU is the place I need to be.

What has the STEM Scholar Program been like for you so far?

The STEM Scholar Program has been such a fun experience. I have learned so much from the summer program, and I carried on the strategies I learned from that class in the summer to my classes right now. Even though I have more classes, I now know how to better manage my time, how to properly take notes, how to reach out to organizations, how to ask questions, and when to seek help when I need it. I have not used the full potential of the program yet, due to the fact that the fall semester just started, but I am ready to use all the resources available to make sure I have the best college experience.

What are your future plans?

My future plans are to finish up college and obtain my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering with specific study of renewable energy. With this degree, my network and connection to the STEM Scholar Program, I should be able to become a leader in the electrical engineering field at a company such as Raytheon or Lockheed Martin. From there, I would like the lead in the usage of renewable energy to power our cities and other technological advancements that we configure.

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