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The CSE Honors Research Symposium took place last Friday, April 14 and featured 38 presentations from students taking departmental honors. As part of the Symposium, CSE was tasked with selecting four student presenters to compete in the university-wide Boller Award Competition for Best Honors Presentation.

2023 CSE Boller Finalists     

Jordan Crupper, Departmental Honors in Psychology
“The Effects of Transcutaneous Auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulation on Language Retention in College-Aged Students”
Advised by Dr. Tracy Centanni

Joseph Mellberg, Departmental Honors in Chemistry & Biochemistry
“Opening the Door on Molecular Hinges”
Advised by: Dr. Eric Simanek

Mariana Nguyen, Departmental Honors in Neuroscience
“When Does Song Begin? Exploring Preparatory Features of Song Respiration”
Advised by Dr. Brent Cooper

Allison Regan, Departmental Honors in Biology
“Investigating the Potential Therapeutic Effects of CBD In Vitro”
Advised by Dr. Mike Chumley

Crupper, Mellberg, Nguyen, and Regan will deliver their presentations during the Boller Award Competition on Tuesday, April 25 from 12 - 5 p.m. in the Scharbauer Hall Debate Chamber, along with other Boller finalists from across the university. This event is open to the public.

In addition to the Boller finalists, the CSE would also like to give honorable mentions to the following two students for their presentations:

Camille Eastin, Departmental Honors in Psychology
“Parents and their Children on the Autism Spectrum: Identifying Factors that Predict How Much They Agree on Mental Health Factors”
Advised by Dr. Naomi Ekas

Macyn Willingham, Departmental Honors in Biology
“Effects of Preservation on Mercury Concentration in Spiders”
Advised by Dr. Matt Chumchal