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Research scientist and co-founder of TCU’s Eos BioAnalytics Summer Mengelkoch led the study in which 79 women and 80 men were recruited and asked to have their photos taken and their blood tested to discover if there is a link between people’s attractiveness and their immune systems. Participants were photographed from the neck up and asked to keep a neutral facial expression. They also each had 85 milliliters of blood drawn for testing.

in-the-newsIt was found that attractive people actually have better immune systems, according to the new study published by the academic journal Proccedings of the Royal Society B. This month, Mengelkoch told the Daily Mail: “People who go out to a bar looking to talk to someone attractive are often dismissed as being shallow and told, ‘It is not all about looks.’ But they are really just following their instincts to find a high-quality mate.”

TCU’s Eos BioAnalytics offers biological sample processing services to scientists of all backgrounds. Their mission is to take the mystery and hassle out of biological measures while maintaining the strictest standards to precision and quality. To learn more about Eos BioAnalytics. Read the full article here.