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College of Science & Engineering


BaylorScott & White and TCU vaccination station

In February, when the call went out for volunteers to help staff the Texas Christian University/Baylor Scott & White Health Community Vaccine Site, the Pre-Health Professions Institute in the College of Science & Engineering jumped at the opportunity to help. 

“As future doctors, physician assistants, dentists and pharmacist, students in the Pre-Health Professions Institute are strongly committed to the health and well-being of our community. They have big hearts and a strong desire to serve,” said Matt Chumchal, Ph.D., director of the institute and professor of biology.

Although Pre-Health isn’t a major, with well over 800 students, it represents the second largest constituent of students on campus — second only to business. Some 250 Pre-Health students participated in the vaccination drive, investing approximately 432 person hours for each of the 10 clinics for a grand total of 2,382 hours of service.

“Pulling off a large, mobile vaccine clinic over several months required a large number of volunteers — all playing different roles. Although Pre-Health students weren’t administering vaccines, the vaccine clinic wouldn’t have been possible without the small army of Pre-Health students who showed up every weekend — sometimes in the cold and rain — to direct traffic, check in patients and do a number of other tasks to make the clinic run smoothly,” Chumchal said.

Each clinic day included two six-hour shifts with 36 workers per shift.

The longtime professor was humbled by the student response. “Some weekends we needed close to 150 volunteers — and Pre-Health students usually claimed all spots within 24 hours. I have been inspired by the work ethic and concern for others shown by Pre-Health students throughout the pandemic,” he said.

“The pandemic has been a great tragedy, but I told my students in March 2020 that it would present us all with opportunities to step up and lead. When my students look back on these dark days, they can look back with pride knowing that they stepped up and helped to lead us out of the pandemic,” Chumchal added.

The following is a list of Pre-Health students who participated in the TCU/BSW vaccination hub:

Ruwayd Abdalla
Noor Abdeljalil
Victoria Adeleke
Ryan Ajgaonkar
Ramsey Albahra
Christopher Allender
Ava Amidei
Olivia Armstrong
Lorenta Asare
Beau Atkinson
Payton Aydelott
Jacob Baird
Cate Baskin
Robert Benafield
Carl Berghult
Alex Bernal
Morgan Bertrand
Sophia Biggio
Margaret Blankenship
Brooke Boisvert
Preston Bonadiman
Jack Bonnell
Cameron Bowers
Ibrahim Bozkurt
Alexander Broom
Kynnedy Brown
Nina Budano
Saralee Burciaga
Morgan Bussard
Coby Calvery
Will Campa
Caitlyn Caputo
Christian Cargile
Ethan Cary
Danielle Casarez
Meenal Cascella
Evan Chandlee
Drew Chilcoat
Charlie Clark
Emilie Clark
Rachel Clark
Carolyn Cocagne
Steven Coe
Mya Conley
Kennadi Cook
Caroline Crittell
Remington Cole Crossnoe
Elizabeth Daniels
Drew Danner
Chloe Daring
Alexandra DeAngelo
Kylie Dedeker
Michael Delgado
Lia DeMelis
Kinley Deming
Makenzie Devine
Madisen Devries
Sawyer Diaz
Olivia Dillon
Hannah Divic
Rafael do Valle
Abby Doll
Abby Dorsky
Ally Dunford
Brenson Dunn
Kaitlyn Dupre
Ana Dutton
Evan Ehrensing
Coleton Evans
Cort Ewing
Owen Falkenberg
Caroline Farroll
Jeanne Favret
Brady Fetzer
Enrique Garcia
Rigo Garcia
Anna Katherine Garrett
Olivia Gasvoda
Lexi Goehring
Sophie Goforth
Jasmin Gonzalez
Kassandra Goytia
Emma Graham
Maria Grant Villacorta
Nicole Gray
Liliana Guadagno
Valerie Gudoy
Brooke Gully
Megan Ha
Demitri Halasa
Joe Hammeke
Alia Hannon
Caroline Harrelson
Claire Hefner
Garrett Helburn
Allison Hill
Kyle Horton
John Houlahan
Wilson Hoyt
Fernanda Huerta
Abigail Hurtado
Frances-Marie Isaac
Trevon Jelinek
Reagan Jones
Sydney Jorgensen
Anna Kadi
Aly Knowles
Bella Kouretas
Kacie Krasniewicz
Laura Laidley
Ashlyn Laidman
Bao-Tram Le
Jacqueline Leon
Julia Levee
Caitlin Lightle
Connie Linardos
Kaitlyn Love
Veronica Lyle
Porter Maggiore
Christina Mantsorov
Joana Martinez
Tori Martinez
Leah Marut
Chloe Matthews
Delanie McClanahan
Andrew McClurg
Joey Mellberg
Alyssa Moore
Kate Moorman-Wolfe
Ellise Moreno
Jackson Murray
Kate MyersZoe Najar
Jorge Narvaez
Anita Neaves
Angel Neuhoff
Charles Neuwirth
Thien An Nguyen
Thien Ly Nguyen
Ella Nichols
Sava Novakovic
Caroline O’Connor
Nate O'Rear
Sereen Osman
Sara Pahlevan
Richard Parker
Courtney Parks
Sohum Patel
Kaelie Paugh
Halle Pedroza
Harrison Perry
Abi Plylar
Kristin Povinelli
Sahil Prakash
Cayla Prophater
Carter Puckett
Steven Pullen
Kennedy Redmon
Allison Regan
Quinceola Reid
Emily Rice
Kaeleigh Rice
Hannah Richards
Chloe Ricke
Lane Rippey
Julia Rizzo
Tanner Robinson
Emily Grace Rodgers
Ernesto Rodriguez
Zachary Rouseau
Hannah Sagam
Jacob Samson
Hayden Schandua
Colby Schmitt
Michael Seung
Margaret Shaughnessy
Ainsley Sheehan
Catherine Shoffner
Paxton Shorow
Erin Silvasy
Savannah Sims
Molly Sindelar
Bella Sinelli
Olivia Skeels
Asher Smith
Palmer Smyth
Olivia Sottile
Anna Stover
Layne Stowers
Lauren Stringfield
Isabelle Sturgill
Camryn Sullivan
Olivia Swanson
Halley Tamene
Ari Theodorou
Daphne Thomas
Kayla Thomas
Chiara Thommarson
Annemarie Thompson
Michael Tomlinson
Van Hung Tran
Stephanie Trevino
Maggie Tucker
Rob Underdal
Hayley Vasquez
Lyndsey Walker
George Weimer
Mady Whitcher
Braylon White
Maddie Wiencek
Caroline Wilson
Desirae Woods
Jacob Wortley
Mia Wright
Kelley Wyatt
McKenna Ziegler