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Several incoming TCU students are receiving their basic training this month at Chemistry Boot Camp, which was launched in the summer of 2020 to provide a low-stress introduction to General Chemistry. Students learn fundamental science, study skills, and get to meet (virtually) with their peers, as well as TCU faculty and students. Benjamin Janesko, associate professor of chemistry, says, “We didn't plan it this way, but the asynchronous online-only format helped the students (and us) get accustomed to learning and teaching during COVID. This year, we're working with a lot of students whose high school chemistry course was disrupted by COVID. We're hopeful that we can continue to ‘level the playing field’ for TCU students taking fall General Chemistry.” 

With the goal of building fundamental knowledge and the skill sets necessary to successfully transition into General Chemistry at TCU, this course is free of charge. Campgoers will work practice problems and get familiar with technology and platforms during this six-week course. The faculty and student leaders provided 1-2 hours of lecture and office hours each week. Enrollment was open to anyone accepted to TCU, and it was advertised through advisors. The schedule is designed for flexibility, and students can work through the modules at their own pace.

At last year’s Chemistry Boot Camp there was an academic performance increase of 5.7% in the 20 students who completed both the pre and post boot camp assessments. Overall students improved by +30 points (out of 100) from their pre-assessment to post-assessment exam, suggesting positive growth.

Janesko says, “We're especially thankful for anonymous donors who chose to support this year's Chemistry Boot Camp. These donations help support the three TCU faculty and six current TCU students teaching this year's session.”

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