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Laboratory Safety Training for new CSE researchers

Faculty Profiles
Find out more about the research of some of our faculty.

SERC – Science and Engineering Research Center
SERC provides support for undergraduate research for students in the College of Science and Engineering.

Michael and Sally McCracken Student Research Symposium
Each spring, undergraduate and graduate students in the CSE present their research posters during a day celebrating science in Tucker Technology Center.

Learn more about research in the CSE

Two engineering professors and their student-research team have been tasked with creating an alternate, non-invasive and less costly way of measuring brain waves.

CSE faculty members have collaborated with scientists around the world to produce the best research possible. Scientific scholars from across the globe have been brought to TCU to partake in these collaborations.

Several CSE students involve their research around the planets, the stars and the galaxy beyond our skies.

Assistant professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences has devoted her research to obesity prevention and health and wellness.

TCU assistant professor of astronomy, Kat Barger, has focused her research on tracing the journey of gas that powers galaxies. She also specializes in studying the process of new star formation. 

Sarah Hill, associate professor of psychology, has found that kids who went hungry may overeat as adults.

Naomi Ekas, assistant professor of psychology, is conducting research and methods to help parents of autistic children remain positive in their chaotic and bumpy lives.

Cognitive psychologist, Uma Tauber, has explored how students, workers and the elderly retain information. 

TCU chemistry professor is still passionate about the healing properties of certain plants, twenty years after he began his research.


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