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Distinguished Alumni Awards

After graduation, TCU alumni enter the “real” world with ambitions and dreams to change the world. TCU’s Distinguished Alumni Award, presented annually, recognizes alumni whose endeavors have achieved prominence in a particular field. Since 2009, five of the past six recipients have been CSE graduates. Learn more about past TCU Distinguished Alumni Award recipients.

NameAward YearDegree TypeMajor
Leslie A Chambers '28, M.D.1957BSBiology
May Owen '17, M.D.1959BA, Doctor of SciencePre-Medical, Honorary
Donald Cowan '46, M.D.1966BAPhysics
Louis Joseph Levy '33, M.D.1967BA, Doctor of Medicine (UT-Galveston)Pre-Medical
Judge A.D. Green '231973BAPsychology
Luther Starnes Mansfield '27, M.D.1973BABiology
Willard Royce '49, M.D.1976BSPre-Medical
John V. Roach '611984BAMathematics and Physics
John D. Oswalt '68, M.D.1994BSPre-Health Professions Combination
Aubrey E. Taylor '60, M.D.1998BAMathematics and Psychology
James P. McCulley, '65, M.D.2001BSPre-Health Professions Combinations
W. Edward Robinson, Jr. '84, M.D.2009BAEnglish and Biology
William F. Bennett '71, Ph.D.2010BAChemistry
W. Neal Burnette '66, M.D.2013BABiology and Chemistry
Alfred Bennett Jenson '61, Ph.D.2014BAChemistry
Ric Bonnell '96, M.D.2015Non-degreed alum
Wendy Heger Bonnell '95, M.D.2015BSNeuroscience
Rod Ewing '682016BSGeology
Brent K. Blackburn '822019BSChemistry
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