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Dean’s Research and Creativity or Teaching Award Winners

To recognize the extraordinary creative teaching and scholarship that occurs at TCU, a faculty member in each of the major academic disciplines of the university is recognized annually. These recipients are nominated and selected by their colleagues and become the nominees for the Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Achievement as a Creative Teacher and Scholar. Each fall, three teaching and three research award recipients are recognized at convocation.

2002 (Research and Creativity Award)Richard E. HansonSchool of Geology, Energy & the Environment
2003 (Research and Creativity)Jeffrey L. CofferChemistry & Biochemistry
2004 (Teaching)Ray DrennerBiology
2004 (Research and Creativity)Philip S. HartmanBiology
2005 (Research and Creativity)Gary W. FergusonBiology
2005 (Teaching)Kenneth S. RichardsonMathematics
2006 (Research and Creativity)William R. GraphamPhysics & Astronomy
2007 (Research and Creativity)Michael C. SlatterySchool of Geology, Energy & the Environment
2007 (Teaching)Susan G. Staples Mathematics
2008 (Research and Creativity)Waldek Zerda Physics & Astronomy
2008 (Teaching)David E. Minter Chemistry and Biochemistry
2009 (Research and Creativity) C.A. QuarlesPhysics & Astronomy
2009 (Teaching)Anne VanBeber Nutritional Sciences
2010 (Research and Creativity)Jean-Luc MontchampChemistry & Biochemistry
2011 (Research and Creativity)Sergei V. DzyubaChemistry & Biochemistry
2011 (Teaching)Doug IngramPhysics & Astronomy
2012 (Teaching)Efton ParkMathematics
2015 (Teaching)Steve WeisEngineering
2016 (Teaching)Clark JonesBiology
2016 (Research)Karol GryczynskiPhysics & Astronomy
2019 (Research and Creativity)Kayla GreenChemistry & Biochemistry
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