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TCU Code of Student Conduct


  • Academic Action
    • To request permission to take a course at another school, please go to MyTCU and click on “Student Center” Then under “Path to Graduation” click on the “other academic” drop down menu and select “TRANSFER CREDIT REQUEST”
  • Request for Non-Traditional Course (PDF)
    Approval for special topics and independent study courses
  • Request for Degree Plan
    Matches your academic transcript to required coursework
    Should be requested after you have completed 54 hours.
  • Intent to Graduate
    Updates your degree plan and adds you to the list of graduates
  • Cancel Intent to Graduate (PDF)
    Removes you from the list of graduates

Graduation Information

Review the graduation information available on the TCU Registrar’s home page (

Consult with your academic advisor to make sure you will have fulfilled all degree requirements at the time of graduation.

File an Intent to Graduate early in the semester preceding the semester in which you plan to graduate. Your transcript will be reviewed and your intent will be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office provided no issues are identified.

If for any reason you decide not to graduate in the semester for which you have filed an Intent to Graduate, please file a Cancel Intent to Graduate form with the College of Science & Engineering Dean’s Office. Note that you need to re-file an Intent to Graduate for the new graduation date.

Testing Center

  • All appointments are made by your professor
  • The Testing Center is located in Tucker Technology Center, room 136

Rules for Testing Center:

  • Must have student ID to enter and take quiz/exam
  • You will be required to sign an honesty statement each time you use the Testing Center (Note: Proctors will complete an incident report on any suspected cheating, which will be given to your professor)
  • Be on time, students will not be admitted when more than 10 minutes tardy
  • The only items permitted on the desk while testing are those items your professor has indicated in his/her instructions
  • Book bags/backpacks and all personal items will be placed in the front of the room while testing

Not allowed in the Testing Center:

  • Hats
  • Food/Drinks
  • Phones of any kind
  • Watches of any kind

Once you have entered the Testing Center you will not be permitted to leave the room and come back – no restroom breaks
Each exam packet includes a “Question on my Exam” form for your use should you have a question or be confused about anything on your exam. Fill out the form and place it back in the test packet with your exam; test packets are given to your professor.

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