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Meet Sydney Thomas

Meet Sydney Thomas

How did your journey lead you to choose a STEM field of study?

I have always been told by my family that if you do something you love, each day when you get up for work, it won’t feel like work. That is what solidified my pursuits of movement science. I looked at my life and asked myself what made me light up when spoken about and what drove my excitement on any given day. The answers to those questions were physical activity and kinesiology. Nothing else compares to a good workout or sitting in the stands analyzing a football play. Movement science allows me to combine my love of sports with my love for science, an understanding of why the human body works the way it doe,s and how to use that knowledge to improve our bodies. Kinesiology allows me to pursue a career that helps me formulate the best version of myself, and then aid others in creating their best selves as well.

How do you believe studying in a STEM field will help you make a positive impact on the world?

I think we can all make a positive impact on the world when we pursue something we are passionate about. I believe passion breeds care and commitment. If you do something you are passionate about, you will be great at what you choose to contribute to society. For me, majoring in a STEM field will allow me to make a positive impact by helping people lead healthier lives physically. Whether I am helping someone with preventative care or recovery, I want to change lives through fitness. A huge part of that for me is clearing up the confusion and intimidation people face about the health community. The health community is oversaturated with so many remedies and quick fixes for deep-rooted problems. I want to help people get the individualized care they need and help minimize the confusion that often prevents people from getting the correct solutions to their physical needs.

What drew you to TCU?

I really liked the close-knit feel of TCU. It truly felt like it could be a home away from home for me, and it has been just that. I love how you can easily make genuine connections because of the small size; however, there are always new opportunities to meet new people as well. I also loved the school spirit around athletics! I am a big sports fan and live for an electric sports culture. TCU fans love their school. Go Frogs!

What has the STEM Scholar Program been like for you so far?

I am so grateful for the STEM Scholar Program. It has been helpful to have so many people at TCU who want to see me succeed and are willing to help me figure out the steps to get there. Being a STEM major is not always an easy task, but knowing that I have support from all angles (socially, academically, and emotionally) has helped me feel confident that I can pursue my dreams.

What are your future plans?

My plans are to graduate with my Bachelor of Science in Movement Science from TCU. Then I plan on heading to physical therapy school to attain my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. From there, I can get my certification in sports physical therapy and I can focus on working with injuries from athletics. I would love to work with professional athletes someday.