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Dean’s Research and Creativity or Teaching Award Winners

To recognize the extraordinary creative teaching and scholarship that occurs at TCU, a faculty member in each of the major academic disciplines of the university is recognized annually. These recipients are nominated and selected by their colleagues and become the nominees for the Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Achievement as a Creative Teacher and Scholar. Each fall, three teaching and three research award recipients are recognized at convocation.

Year Professor Department
2002 (Research and Creativity Award) Richard E. Hanson School of Geology, Energy & the Environment
2003 (Research and Creativity) Jeffrey L. Coffer Chemistry & Biochemistry
2004 (Teaching) Ray Drenner Biology
2004 (Research and Creativity) Philip S. Hartman Biology
2005 (Research and Creativity) Gary W. Ferguson Biology
2005 (Teaching) Kenneth S. Richardson Mathematics
2006 (Research and Creativity) William R. Grapham Physics & Astronomy
2007 (Research and Creativity) Michael C. Slattery School of Geology, Energy & the Environment
2007 (Teaching) Susan G. Staples Mathematics
2008 (Research and Creativity) Waldek Zerda Physics & Astronomy
2008 (Teaching) David E. Minter Chemistry and Biochemistry
2009 (Research and Creativity) C.A. Quarles Physics & Astronomy
2009 (Teaching) Anne VanBeber Nutritional Sciences
2010 (Research and Creativity) Jean-Luc Montchamp Chemistry & Biochemistry
2011 (Research and Creativity) Sergei V. Dzyuba Chemistry & Biochemistry
2011 (Teaching) Doug Ingram Physics & Astronomy
2012 (Teaching) Efton Park Mathematics
2015 (Teaching) Steve Weis Engineering
2016 (Teaching) Clark Jones Biology
2016 (Research) Karol Gryczynski Physics & Astronomy
2019 (Research and Creativity) Kayla Green Chemistry & Biochemistry

Distinguished Achievement as a Creative Teacher and Scholar Recipients

To recognize sustained exceptional teaching and high quality scholarship among the University’s faculty, two awards were given every other year – in one year, Distinguished Teaching, and in the next year, Research & Creative Activity – until 2005 when the awards merged and became The Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Achievement as a Creative Teacher and Scholar. The Academic Deans consider nominations from schools and colleges and provide three recommendations to the Chancellor. The award recipient is named at Fall Convocation and a photo gallery of recipients is on display at The Mary Couts Burnett Library.

Year Professor Department
1983 William Watson, Jr. Chemistry
1987 Donald Dansereau Psychology
1988 Bob Doran Mathematics
1989 William Smith Chemistry
1995 Robert Neilson Chemistry
2000 Rhonda Hatcher Mathematics
2004 Ray Drenner Biology
2006 Phil Hartman Biology
2009 Jeff Coffer Chemistry and Biochemistry
2012 David R. Cross Psychology/Institute of Child Development

Wassenich Award for Mentoring in the TCU Community Recipients

This award began in 1999, when TCU alumni Linda and Mark Wassenich created a fund to honor TCU faculty and staff who have made mentoring an everyday aspect of their lives and impacted student lives as a result. The award celebrates all those who serve as role models, advisors and guides to students. 

Year Professor Department
2000 Phil Hartman Biology
2004 John Breyer School of Geology, Energy & the Environment
2008 Denise Bennett Pre-Health Professions
2009 Stephen Weis Engineering
2011 Ken Morgan School of Geology, Energy & the Environment
2014 Michael Chumley Biology