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Minor in Mathematics

Requirements for Minor

The mathematics minor requires 18 semester hours of mathematics with a grade of C- or better, including:

  • MATH 10524 (Calculus I) 
  • MATH 20524 (Calculus II) 
  • MATH 30224 (Linear Algebra) 

An additional six semester hours is required from among MATH 20123 (Discrete Mathematics I) and courses at or above the 30000 level. 

Students minoring in mathematics are also required to take one of the following programming courses: 

  • COSC 10403 Introduction to Programming 
  • COSC 10503 Introduction to Programming for Engineering and Science 
  • COSC 10603 Introduction to Python for Data Analytics
  • ENGR 10573 Applied Programming Matlab 

Students must also have a 2.0 average or better in their mathematics courses in order to graduate with a minor in mathematics.