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BS in Data Science

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The Bachelor of Science degree program in Data Science is designed to prepare graduates for a broad set of careers involving the analysis of data. 

Requirements for a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Data Science

This program requires a minimum of 39 hours in Computer Science and 27-28 hours in Mathematics.

The required Computer Science courses are:

  • CITE 30103 Unix Linux System Administration 
  • COSC 10403 Introduction to Programming 
  • COSC 20203 Techniques in Programming 
  • COSC 20803 Data Structures 
  • COSC/MATH 30103 Introduction to Data Science 
  • COSC 30603 Database Systems 
  • COSC 40023 Data Mining and Visualization 
  • COSC 40403 Analysis of Algorithms 
  • COSC 40503 Artificial Intelligence 
  • COSC 40523 Deep Learning 
  • COSC 40943 Software Engineering 
  • COSC 40993 Senior Design Project 

In addition, students must take three additional hours of approved Computer Science electives at the 30000 level or above.

The required Mathematics courses are:

  • MATH 10524 Calculus I 
  • MATH 20123 Discrete Mathematics I 
  • MATH 20524 Calculus II 
  • MATH 30123 Discrete Mathematics II 
  • MATH 30224 Linear Algebra 
  • MATH 30803 Probability 
  • MATH 30853 Statistics 

Students must also take at least one class from the following list:

  • MATH 30524 Calculus III 
  • MATH 40223 Applied Linear Algebra 
  • MATH 40663 Numerical Analysis 
  • MATH 40853 Regression and Time Series  
  • MATH 40883 Predictive Modeling 

All students with this major will be advised by Liran Ma in the Department of Computer Science.

Prerequisites   Suggested Four-Year Plan