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BS in Mathematics

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The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics provides a deeper and more demanding curriculum in Mathematics than the Bachelor of Arts, appropriate for students seeking a technical career or planning to go to graduate school in mathematics or related fields.

Requirements for a Bachelor of Science (BS)

Students must take a minimum of 46 semester hours of mathematics. The required core mathematics courses are:

Students are also required to take one of the following programming courses:

In addition, students are required to take two of the following: 

Students pursuing a BS degree in mathematics have a choice of two tracks:

Track 1

Students must take an additional fifteen hours of mathematics courses at or above the 30000 level.

Track 2

Students must take an additional twelve hours of mathematics courses, including one of MATH 40223, MATH 40663, MATH 40853, or MATH 40883, from among the following: 

Students must also take an additional six hours of mathematics courses at or above the 30000 level.

Credit will not be granted for both MATH 10283 and MATH 10524. 

Students must earn a grade of C- or better in each mathematics course for that course to count toward a mathematics degree. Students must also have a 2.0 average or better in their mathematics courses in order to graduate with a degree in mathematics. 

Students pursuing a program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree must complete a minimum of 124 semester hours, 42 of which must be advanced (30000 level or above) from TCU. In addition, students must complete the TCU Core Curriculum.

Students planning to do graduate work in mathematics are strongly recommended to work closely with an adviser to plan their upper-division electives. 

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