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Department of Mathematics

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Faculty Research Areas

José Carrión Operator Algebras, K-theory
Ze-Li Dou Number Theory
Greg Friedman Algebraic and Geometry Topology
Dennis Ledis Dynamical Systems
Eun Hye Lee Analytic Number Theory
Scott Nollet Algebraic Geometry
Efton Park Index Theory, K-theory, noncommutative geometry
Nelis Potgeiter Statistics
Igor Prokhorenkov Differential Geometry and Global Analysis
Ken Richardson Differential Geometry and Global Analysis
Travis Russell Operator Algebras and Quantum Information Theory
Loren Spice Harmonic Analysis of Reductive p-adic groups
Sue Staples Real and Complex Analysis
Derek Tomlin Noncommutative Algebras and Algebraic Geometry
Drew Tomlin Representation Theory
Qiao Zhang Analytic Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry