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Institute of Ranch Management

We seek to make a positive impact on global production agriculture.

The Institute of Ranch Management is an outreach and research institute rooted in the resource management and production principles taught in the TCU Ranch Management Program.  Together with TCU Ranch Management students, faculty, and alumni, the Institute establishes partnerships with private industry, institutions, and governments to tackle challenges related to the diverse field of resource management around the globe.

Our Partnerships


Agricultural Production
Producer and student exchange

What We Do

In an increasingly globalized and interconnected world, agriculture and food production is continually at the forefront of discussion. Sustainable food production is inherently linked to water, energy, demographics, environment, and economic issues.

rancher with calf

Why It Matters

Managing food and land resources are more critical than ever to global security and quality of life. How do developing countries balance agricultural production with environmental sustainability? These videos help tell the story of our work— leading the way in technological and educational assistance to help global communities manage their natural resources in practical new ways.

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Research & News

The TCU Institute of Ranch Management works with its students, faculty and alumni to establish partnerships with private industry, institutions, and governments around the globe in order to address current resource management challenges. The Institute is uniquely situated for the sharing of knowledge, ideas and intellectual resources. Here you’ll find some of our published pieces and press coverage.



Fellowship Program

Agriculture is becoming increasingly international, and global citizenship is a mainstay of a TCU education. The Institute’s fellowship program allows TCU students to take an active role in the challenges associated with the problems of a growing global population by collecting valuable production data in countries in different parts of the world.

We’re Here to Answer Questions

The Institute of Ranch Management offices are located in the Winthrop Rockefeller Building on the campus of Texas Christian University.