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Frequently Asked Questions

The application deadline is May 1.  It is recommended that you apply for admittance into the program as early as possible to allow adequate time for the Ranch Management office to receive your transcripts and recommendations; additionally, the earlier you apply, then the more flexibility you have to schedule your personal interview. 

For the 2024-2025 academic year, interviews are scheduled for:  Nov. 1 (1:00), Nov. 14 (1:00), Dec. 6 (9:00), Dec. 11 (1:00), Jan. 18 (9:00), Jan. 30 (1:00), Feb. 2 (9:00), Feb. 12 (1:00), Feb. 22 (1:00), Mar. 6 (1:00), Mar. 22 (1:00), Mar. 26 (9:00), Apr. 4 (1:00), Apr. 26 (9:00), May 13 (9:00), May 21 (9:00), and May 30 (9:00).

There is no minimum GPA required for admittance to the Ranch Management certificate program; the SAT/ACT is also not required for admittance to the Ranch Management certificate program. TCU students on track for the Bachelor of Science degree in Ranch Management must maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA to be admitted to the program.

No, transcripts and recommendation letters can be sent from yourself, the high school/college, and/or your references to the Ranch Management office separately from your application, autobiography, and application fee.

Yes, your autobiography needs to be handwritten.

Yes, you may use more than one page for your autobiography.

When the Ranch Management office receives your application, a letter will be mailed to you indicating receipt and requesting you call and schedule your personal interview. If you do not receive a letter within two weeks of mailing your application, please call the Ranch Management office and inquire about your application.

Once you have received your letter that your application has been received, you may call the Ranch Management office to schedule your interview. Interviews last approximately three hours. Spouses and parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

For the 2024-2025 academic year, interviews are scheduled for:  Nov. 1 (1:00), Nov. 14 (1:00), Dec. 6 (9:00), Dec. 11 (1:00), Jan. 18 (9:00), Jan. 30 (1:00), Feb. 2 (9:00), Feb. 12 (1:00), Feb. 22 (1:00), Mar. 6 (1:00), Mar. 22 (1:00), Mar. 26 (9:00), Apr. 4 (1:00), Apr. 15 (9:00), Apr. 26 (9:00), May 13 (9:00), May 21 (9:00), and May 30 (9:00).

Ranch Management students typically do not live on campus. It is recommended that Ranch Management students live off campus and share living quarters with other Ranch Management students only due to the Ranch Management class schedule and academic workload. Students who wish to live off campus will find numerous apartments and houses located near the campus. The Ranch Management program also keeps a list of Ranch Management students who have an interest in sharing living arrangements with other Ranch Management students. Available upon request from the Ranch Management office is a list of nearby apartments and property management companies.

Yes, financial aid is available. The university provides an extensive and individually designed financial aid program. Ranch Management students may qualify for financial aid from funds available through the Ranch Management program and through financial aid programs administered through the Office of Financial Aid.

Applicants requesting financial aid must be admitted to the Ranch Management program and/or university before aid is committed. Applicants requesting financial assistance must submit the FAFSA as soon as they receive notification of acceptance. The FAFSA can be accessed at In individual cases, additional documentation may be required.

Students are advised not to seek employment while attending the Ranch Management program because of the intense academic workload and the frequent day and week-long field trips.

Applicants should have sufficient working experience in agriculture to understand the nature of the industry. Basic knowledge and experience with an agricultural enterprise enables the student to obtain more value out of the course of study. Applicants need to be dedicated to the profession and prepared to accept significant responsibility, while also recognizing the opportunities and challenges that exist within the ranching profession. Having working experience ensures that a student understands that ranching and all of agriculture is quite unique as an industry, many times requiring more commitment, time, and effort of a manager.

All students are required to have a basic level of ranch experience before admission, though defining the quantity can be challenging. Individuals possessing extensive experience can acquire additional knowledge and expertise through this program which will enable them to advance their careers more rapidly. For those applicants with less experience, the program will help them build a foundation of knowledge to begin a management career and to prepare them for advancement as their level of experience increases. Applicants are strongly urged to pursue as much experience as possible prior to admission, which has proven to be of great benefit to the student throughout the course of study.

No, Ranch Management does not have a “job placement” program; however, we are contacted by various individuals, operations, or organizations in the ranching industry when they are in need of an employee. We will then distribute that information to Ranch Management alumni who have requested notice of job opportunities that the Ranch Management program is made aware of and current students are given access to the job opportunities, as well.