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Shaping the Future of Agriculture

Our legendary program prepares professionals to manage a broad range of global resources on an ecologically and economically sound basis while conserving and improving resources.

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Ranch Management

Faculty Opening: Assistant or Associate Professor of Professional Practice (May 2024)

Assistant or Associate Professor of Professional Practice (full-time faculty position on-campus and in-person)Teaching responsibilities will be concentrated on agricultural resource management with an emphasis on rangeland management, forage identification and utilization, and wildlife management, currently employed in the cattle industry. Teaching will include the application and economic impacts of agricultural resource management including but not limited to, rangeland management, pasture management, conservation, forage development and utilization, and wildlife management in conjunction with livestock production systems, taught in a collaboratively-based comprehensive manner and in a coordinated effort with other faculty members. The candidate should be willing to employ a systems approach in their teaching strategy while understanding the economic impact of each decision in the production process.  (continue reading)

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