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Ranch Management

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photo of students on a ranch

Students who wish to earn a certificate in Ranch Management will attend classes for one academic year (nine months). This 9-month program addresses the rapidly changing conditions in the global market and provides students with in-the-field training and academic courses needed for success. This program has been available to students since 1955 and continues to serve the industry with the latest technology available. The curriculum offers ecologically and economically responsible business training to students interested in the agriculture business. 

Courses & Requirements

The Ranch Management Program requires an academic year (nine months) to complete.  The course of study is intense, challenging, and time-consuming.  Classroom instruction and discussion coupled with fieldwork observation culminate in the student implementing this knowledge in real-world projects reflecting agricultural asset management.  Attendance is mandatory for all classes and fieldwork. 

The certificate program in Ranch Management is not a part of other academic programs at TCU. Students in the program are required to enroll in a prescribed curriculum and no other courses may be taken while enrolled in the program. Upon completion of the course of study, a graduate receives 35 credit hours, transferable to most colleges and universities, and a Certificate of Completion in Ranch Management. Application for this program is made directly to the Ranch Management Program. 

In addition to demonstrating a basic knowledge of the agriculture industry, applicants must submit:

Areas of Study 

  • Livestock production 
  • Breeding programs
  • Animal health 
  • Feeding 
  • Crop production
  •  Harvesting 
  • Grazing systems 
  • Livestock handling 
  • Natural resource conservation 
  • Forage production 
  • Climate and geographical information 
  • Accounting principles 
  • Marketing 
  • Personnel management 
  • General management principles 
  • Field work 

Field Trips

Field trips are an important part of ranch management education and include numerous short excursions to local agricultural operations, as well as five week-long trips to operations in different geographic locations. The visits are chosen to give the best possible cross section of different kinds of country, livestock, and operations that are representative of the ranching industry in each particular area. 

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Each student is responsible for room and meal expenses incurred on field trips. Room accommodations for weeklong trips are arranged at group rates.