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Departmental Honors

Honors Programs Offered Through the Department of Nutritional Sciences

The Department of Nutritional Sciences offers students both John V. Roach University Honors and Departmental Honors.  Students enrolled in the TCU John V. Roach University Honors program should follow all guidelines specified by the John V. Roach University Honors College. 

Honors students are involved, creative, and engaged high-achievers. Over the course of their education at TCU, The John V. Roach Honors College offers many advantages:

  • Opportunities to attend an honors-only international Frog Camp before the start of freshman year and participate in unique intercultural experiences called Honors Abroad.
  • Challenging classes that help bring out the full potential in students. Honors classes aren't about giving bigger workloads; they are designed to cover the subjects of a normal class at a greater depth.
  • Increased graduate school and career placement. Graduating with honors shows that a student has gone above and beyond most students in getting the most out of their undergraduate education”.

Departmental Honors is offered to students who have a minimum of a 3.5 GPA at graduation and who also complete NTDT 30001, Honors Seminar and NTDT 40001, Senior Honors Research.   In those two courses, students complete a research project under the direction of an NTDT faculty mentor.  University Honors Students must also complete NTDT 30001 and NTDT 40001.  In NTDT 40001 students present their research during Honors Week and receive Honors Cords to wear at graduation.

All majors in the Department of Nutritional Sciences should consider graduating with departmental honors if they qualify.  Both TCU University Honors students and departmental honors students should consult the John V. Roach Honors College website for more information about both programs.