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Study Abroad

Students are encouraged to study abroad for a semester. Studying abroad for a whole semester as a nutritional sciences major is really only feasible during the sophomore year. The course sequences during the junior/senior years make it very challenging to stay on track if the student is not on campus for those four consecutive semesters. Astute advising by advisors with a student during his/her freshman year can make studying abroad during the fall or spring of the sophomore year very attainable.  
Most students who wish to study abroad do so via one of the summer study abroad programs. Students may choose any of the available programs across the university, as long as they qualify for the courses offered.   
There has been one summer study abroad program offered in recent years to Seville, Spain through a course entitled, “Foodways through Service-Learning.” This course combines service-learning in the food/nutrition sector with culture and host family living for a three-week period during the May mini term.