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The Professor Newton Gaines Scholarship in Physics

The Professor Newton Gaines Scholarship in Physics is an endowed scholarship, provided through the generosity of Dr. Charlotte Zihlman LeMay.  The scholarship is to be awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student who is an outstanding female physics student.
The departmental praxis is to give awards to more than one undergraduate female majoring in Physics or Physics and Astronomy. The awards will be determined annually. Selection and annual renewal (up to 4 years) should be based on academic achievement.  The money may be used for educational expenses including, but not limited to, tuition, room, board, fees, books and childcare.  It may not be used for laboratory equipment. 

For each award regardless of the value the following Criteria and Procedures apply: 

  • New candidates for the award will be evaluated each spring semester based on the following criteria: TCU GPA, SAT scores, class ranking, commitment status, stated interests, and personal interviews. 
  • A student can receive an award for a maximum duration of eight semesters.

The academic record of a recipient of the award should be evaluated each semester. The following criteria should be fulfilled:

  • The recipient must receive written approval of her course schedule for each semester from her departmental academic advisor.
  • In the first semester the recipient must take first year mechanics and calculus or receive TCU transfer credit for the equivalent courses.
  • During the first year the recipient should maintain 3.00 overall GPA and 3.00 GPA in College of Science and Engineering courses.
  • In the subsequent years the recipient should maintain a minimum 3.25 overall GPA and 3.25 GPA in College of Science and Engineering courses.
  • In the first year of the award the recipient must have declared a major in the department of physics and astronomy. The student must remain a major in the department throughout the award period. 

The Joseph Morgan Physics Scholarship

One scholarship per year, this award is based on recommendation of the faculty. Criteria: (a) physics majors and (b) demonstrated greatest excellence in achievement during the school year.

Dr. C.A. Quarles Undergraduate Scholarship in Physics and Astronomy

The Dr. C.A. Quarles Physics and Astronomy Undergraduate Endowed Scholarship provided by the generosity of Dr. Quarles, alumni, faculty, friends and family was created in 2012. First preference is given to sophomore, junior and senior physics or astronomy majors who are strong candidates for acceptance to graduate school.  

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