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Recent Publications

“Low-defect-density ZnO homoepitaxial films grown by low-temperature ALD”

David Elam, Eduardo Ortega, Anastasiia Nemashkalo, Yuri Strzhemechny, Arturo Ayon, Arturo Ponce, and Andrey A. Chabanov

Applied Physics Letters,

“Microscale ZnO with controllable crystal morphology as a platform to study antibacterial action on Staphylococcus aureus ”

John M. Reeks, Iman Ali, William J. Moss, Eric Davis, Shauna M. McGillivray, and Yuri M. Strzhemechny


“Predicting the effectiveness of chemotherapy using stochastic ODE models of tumor growth ”

Samara Sharpe, Hana M. Dobrovolny

Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation,

“The role of syncytia during viral infections”

Benjamin Jessie, Hana M. Dobrovolny

Journal of Theoretical Biology,

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