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Recent Publications

“GPU acceleration and data fitting: Agent-based models of viral infections can now be parameterized in hours ”

B. Fain, H.M. Dobrovolny

Journal of Computational Science,

“The Open Cluster Chemical Abundances and Mapping Survey: VII. APOGEE DR17 [C/N]-Age Calibration ”

Spoo, T., Tayar, J., Frinchaboy, P. M., et al.

Astronomical Journal,

“The Open Cluster Chemical Abundances and Mapping Survey: V. Chemical Abundances of CTIO/Hydra Clusters using The Cannon ”

Amy E. Ray, Peter M. Frinchaboy, John Donor, S. D. Chojnowski, and Matthew Melendez

Astronomical Journal,

“Förster Resonance Energy Transfer-Enhanced Detection of Minute Amounts of DNA”

Ceresa, L., J. Chavez, M. Bus, B. Budowle, E. Kitchner, J. Kimball, I. Gryczynski, Z. Gryczynski

Analytical Chemistry,

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