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Please join use for a seminar on March 1, at 2 pm in SWR 357. Dr. Eric Davis from Los Alamos National Laboratory will speak on "Applied Acoustics Research at LANL: Leveraging Science & Engineering for Critical Applications" at 2:00 pm. (continue reading)

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Recent Publications


Ava Amidei and Hana M. Dobrovolny

Mathematical Biosciences,

“Five near-infrared-emissive graphene quantum dots for multiplex bioimaging”

Alina Valimukhametova, Olivia Fannon, Ugur C. Topkiran, Abby Dorsky, Olivia Sottile, Roberto Gonzalez Rodriguez, J L Coffer and Anton Naumov

2D Materials,

“Different routes of infection of H5N1 lead to changes in infecting time”

Gadiyar, I. and H.M. Dobrovolny

Mathematical Biosciences,

“Mathematical modeling of virus-mediated syncytia formation: Past successes and future directions”

Dobrovolny, H.M.

Syncytia: Origin, Structure, and Functions. Results and Problems in Cell Differentiation,

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