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Recent Publications

“Mathematical Modeling of Oncolytic Virus Therapy Reveals Role of the Immune Response”

Ela Guo and Hana M. Dobrovolny


“Modeling of oncolytic viruses in a heterogeneous cell population to predict spread into non-cancerous cells”

Karan Buntval and Hana Dobrovolny

Computers in Biology and Medicine,

“Quantifying the effect of defective viral genomes in respiratory syncytial virus infections”

Z. Noffel, H.M. Dobrovolny

Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering,

“The Diffuse Ionized Gas Halo of the Large Magellanic Cloud”

B. M. Smart, L. M. Haffner, K. A. Barger, D. A. Ciampa, A. S. Hill, D. Krishnarao and G. J. Madsen

The Astrophysical Journal,

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