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Majors and Minors

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Geology  (BA and BS)

Students planning to pursue technical jobs or qualify for graduate work in geology are strongly advised to satisfy the requirements for the BS degree. Some geology courses required for the BS degree require off-road field trips, particularly GEOL 40516, which requires a high degree of physical fitness and mobility.

The BA degree with a major in geology is devised primarily for the student seeking a curriculum combining geology with another field of study.

Courses and Requirements


Earth Systems Science

The major in Earth System Science is available on the BS degree. The curriculum uses a hands-on, systems thinking approach in preparing students, while focusing on the integration of the natural sciences, data science  and modern geospatial technologies to understand and develop science-based solutions to addressing current and future challenges of a rapidly changing Earth including areas such as climate, energy, natural hazards, natural resources, pollution control and remediation.


Courses and Requirements


Geology Minor

The minor in geology requires a total of 18 semester hours in geology of which 9 semester hours must be at the 30000 level or above. No grade lower than C- may be applied to the minor.


Energy Minor

Courses and Requirements