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GIS Certificate Requirements

The Department of Geological Sciences offers an undergraduate GIS certificate with a
course makeup representing spatial data analysis, digital image processing, and data
visualization. A total of 13 credits (12 course credits and a presentation within (such as
the College of Science and Engineering’s Student Research Symposium (SRS)) or
outside venues/meetings (equivalent to 1 credit)) are required to be certified. A grade of
at least B is required for courses counted toward the certificate.

Required Courses:

  • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GEOL/ENSC 50523)
  • Intro to Python for Data Analysis (COSC 10603) or Intro to Programming (COSC

Choose two from the following:

  • Intro to Geospatial Technology (GEOL/ENSC 30363)
  • Spatial Analysis (GEOL/ENSC 50863)
  • Environmental Remote Sensing (GEOL/ENSC 50873)
  • Applied GIS (GEOL/ENSC 50883)
  • Data Analysis and Visualization (GEOG 30323)
  • Advanced GIS (GEOG 40313)
  • GIS Internship (GEOL 50963)