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Undergraduate Programs

As an environmental science student, graduate or undergraduate, you will have considerable flexibility to build a program of study around your particular interests.

We direct our research, teaching, and outreach toward solving problems of the environment and strive to provide classroom, research, and field-based experiences to enable you to become a competent scientist and ethical leader in our profession.

Adequate solutions to environmental problems require well-informed ethical, political, economic, social, and cultural perspectives. Our faculty are dedicated to creating unique teaching and research opportunities for students interested in meeting challenges that relate to our environment. For example, you can enhance your learning experience by going on a study abroad trip to TCU’s Tropical Research Station in Costa Rica or the Amakhala Game Reserve in South Africa where you can be immersed in the TCU Rhino Initiative. Both of these programs are administered though the Institute for Environmental Studies.

One of the greatest experiences we offer our undergraduates is the opportunity to work closely with faculty on their research projects. Whether you are interested in wildlife ecology, water resource issues, renewable energy, or other environmental areas, you will find a research opportunity in these areas. 
Majors and Minors