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Faculty Publications

Victoria Bennett

Victoria (Tory) J. Bennett

Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director

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  • Bennett VJ, EJ Agpalo. 2022. Citizen science helps uncover the secrets to a bat-friendly swimming pool in an urban environment. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution | Urban Ecology 10:860523, DOI: 10.3389/fevo.2022.860523
  • Hall EM, VJ Bennett. 2021. Variations in home range size of evening bats (Nycticeius humeralis) in an urban environment. Journal of Mammalogy 107:1497-1506.
  • Huzzen, BE, AM Hale, VJ Bennett. 2020. An effective survey method for studying volant species activity and behavior at tall structures. PeerJ 8:e8438, DOI: 10.7717/peerj.8438
  • Nystrom, GS, VJ Bennett. 2019. The importance of residential swimming pools as an urban water source for bats. Journal of Mammalogy, 100:394-400, DOI: 10.1093/jmammal/gyz020
Gehendra Kharel

Gehendra Kharel

Assistant Professor

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  • Kharel, et al., 2022. Potential hydrological impacts of planting switchgrass on marginal rangelands in South Central Great Plains. Water.
  • Acharya, B.S. and Kharel, G., 2020. Acid Mine Drainage from Coal Mining in the United States–An Overview. Journal of Hydrology, p.125061.
  • Kharel, G., Romsdahl, R. and Kirilenko, A., 2019. Managing the wicked problem of Devils Lake flooding along the US–Canada border. International Journal of Water Resources Development, 35(6), pp.938-958.
  • Kharel, G. and Kirilenko, A., 2018. Comparing CMIP-3 and CMIP-5 climate projections on flooding estimation of Devils Lake of North Dakota, USA. PeerJ, 6, p.e4711.
Lavy Brendan

Brendan L. Lavy

Assistant Professor

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  • Maleki, S., R. R. Hagelman, III, and B. L. Lavy. 2023. Neighborhood child friendliness: A comparative analysis of parental landscape perceptions and geographic information systems-based urban planning indexes. The Professional Geographer  In press. 
  • Lavy, B. L., R. C. Weaver, and R. R. Hagelman, III. 2022. Using the Change Point Model (CPM) framework to identify windows for water resource management action in the Lower Colorado River Basin of Texas, USA. Water 14(1): 18.
  • Zavar, E. M., and B. L. Lavy. 2021. Mitigation: Learning from and anticipating crises. In E. Stern, editor, Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Lavy, B. L. 2020. Cooperation, fragmentation and control: News media representations of changing water access from Austin to the Texas Rice Belt. Water Alternatives 13(3): 779-799.
  • Zavar, E. M., B. L. Lavy, and R. R. Hagelman, III. 2020. Chain tourism in post-disaster recovery.Tourist Studies 20(4): 429-449.
Rhiannon Mayne

Rhiannon G. Mayne

Oscar and Juanita Monnig Endowed Chair of Meteoritics and Planetary Science

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  • Mayne, R. G., Corrigan, C. M., McCoy, T. J., Day, J. M. D., & Rose, T. R. (2020). Qarabawi’s Camel Charm: Tracing the meteoritic origins of a cultural artifact. Meteoritics and Planetary Science. 
  • Crossley, S. D., Lunning, N. G., Mayne, R. G. et al. (2018). Experimental insights into Stannern-trend eucrite petrogenesis. Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 53(10), 2122–2137.
  • Mayne, R. G. (2016). Qarabawi’s charm: Looking beyond the science. Elements, 12(1), 73–74.
  • Mayne, R. G., Smith, S. E., & Corrigan, C. M. (2016). Hiding in the howardites: Unequilibrated eucrite clasts as a guide to the formation of Vesta’s crust. Meteoritics & Planetary Science, 51(12), 2387–2402.
Michael Slattery

Michael C. Slattery

Professor, Department Chair, and Director of the Institute for Environmental Studies

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  • Slattery, M.C. 2022. "Contemporary Environmental Issues," Kendall Hunt, Dubuque, Iowa.
  • Slattery, M.C. 2023. "The role of geomorphology in environmental litigation: insights from an East Texas case," Geomorphology, 443, 
  • Slattery, M.C. and Bluntzer, A. 2023. "Climate pledge to move away from fossil fuels is huge. There's just one problem," Opinion, Fort Worth Star Telegram, 28 December.
  • Slattery, M.C. 2020. "Sediment, wind turbines, and rhinos: Ah, the life of a geographer!" In T.P. Burt and D. Thompson (Eds), Curious About Nature: A Passion for Fieldwork, Cambridge University Press, Chapter 42, p. 313-316.
  • Brannstrom, C., Pasqualetti, M.J., Gorayeb, A., Wolsink, M., Slattery, M.C., Devine-Wright, P. and Sovacol, B. 2019. “Why ignore a major challenge of wind energy science?” Science eLetter.