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girl taking notes in a forest

As an undergraduate, you have the opportunity to work closely with a professor in their research lab. As part of this research experience, you can apply for funding through SERC (Science and Engineering Research Center) to conduct your own research project. This can be a highly rewarding experience and a chance to build your research profile. This is often a stepping-stone toward graduate school and future careers in environmental science.

Graduate students pursuing a MS degree are expected to be involved in research, but there are research opportunities for MA graduate students as well. If you are interested in a particular area of research, you should contact the professor or professors involved to find how you may get involved.

We strongly encourage all students to present their research. First, we offer financial support to attend a national or international meeting. Internally, the College of Science & Engineering hosts a Student Research Symposium (SRS) each spring with more than 150 poster presentations by graduate and undergraduate students on their research within the college. Awards are given for the best posters as determined by faculty judges.