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Departmental Awards & Scholarships

In addition to other forms of scholarships, awards and aid provided by the university, the department presents the following awards each year to the ENSC majors:

NSC majors with financial need. Preference given to students that work part time to pay for school.  Preferred, but not required, areas of interest: 1) control and abatement of human generated contaminants of air, water and ground resources, 2) chemical and physical mechanisms that are involved in control of human generated contaminants, 3) progress of environmental management, or 4) alternative energy resources. Award: $400

To the most outstanding environmental science senior. Preference given to students in the Honors College (departmental or university). Cumulative GPA > 3.50. Could have graduated in December or will graduate in May. Award: Non-monetary

To the outstanding ENSC junior or senior doing research.  Cumulative GPA > 3.25. Award: $400

To an environmental sciences junior or senior doing research. To fund travel to present at national or international conference. Cumulative GPA > 3.25. Award: max. $5,000 but on needs basis with letter of support, and can be split between multiple students.