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In addition to degrees, we offer certificates in certain specific areas of study.  Each certificate is 12 hours of coursework from a list of approved courses, plus 1 hour of presentations (ENSC40001) for a total of 13 hours. The six certificates are:

Certificates Description

Advising Faculty                    

Sustainability For those looking at water, energy and natural resource management

Dr. Brendan Lavy

Environmental Management For those seeking an environmental consulting or compliance-centered career

Michele Birmingham

Water Science For those interested in water quality, hydrology, groundwater, and wetlands

Dr. Gehendra Kharel

Wildlife Management For those interested in wildlife management and conservation

Dr. Tory Bennett

Environmental Modeling & Data Analytics For those interested in modeling, programming, statistics and data analytics

Dr. Gehendra Kharel

Geoscience Fundamentals For those interested in pursuing professional geoscientist licensure

Michele Birmingham

Most certificates have several classes to choose from, along with a 1-hour presentations course.  Unlike a minor, courses that you take for your major can “double-dip” for certificates.  Additionally, some students who want to pursue more than one certificate and courses can double dip there as well!

We require a grade of C or better for certificate courses.

Certificates are a great way to distinguish yourself and build a resume that gets noticed!