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Funding and Science Communication

SRS Presentation

Funds to Support Research

The College of Science & Engineering offers SERC grants which provide up to $1,500 to support faculty-sponsored undergraduate research projects. Students pursuing SERC funds write a brief grant explaining their project and the need for funding. Applications are accepted early in the fall and spring semesters.  Visit the SERC webpage for eligibility information, application instructions, and deadlines.

Students pursuing Departmental Honors may apply for research funds through the TCU Honors Scholar Grant or the Honors Undergraduate Research Grant Programs. Honors Scholar Grants provide up to $2,500 in funding and applications are typically accepted in March. Honors Undergraduate Grants are accepted on a rolling basis in both the Fall and Spring semesters. Eligibility information, application instructions, and deadlines can be found on the Honors Grants and Awards website.

Funds to Support Travel

The Biology Department offers up to $700 of travel support to undergraduate students presenting their research at regional, national, or international scientific meetings. Students work with their faculty mentor to obtain funding.

Science Communication Opportunities

TCU and the Department of Biology foster the development of scientific communication skills by providing students with opportunities to present their research both on and off campus. Each spring, the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) hosts the Student Research Symposium (SRS) where students from different scientific disciplines present posters overviewing their research. In addition, the CSE hosts an Honors Forum where students seeking Department Honors deliver oral presentations about their research. Many biology undergraduates also travel off campus to present their research at scientific conferences.