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The field of Biology is broad and thus, provides students with a diverse set of opportunities after graduation. Many Biology graduates choose to continue their education by attending medical, dental, or other health-related professional schools. Students with an interest in research find themselves well prepared for Master’s or Doctoral programs in a variety of biological disciplines and recent graduates have gone on to pursue advanced degrees at University of Colorado, University of Pennsylvania, Notre Dame, Duke University, Louisiana State University, and University of Utah. Other students, including those who complete their graduate degrees in Biology, pursue careers in industry, government, or academia. Recent graduates have obtained positions with the Tarrant Regional Water District, the US Environmental Protection Agency, the National Institutes of Health, the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center, Western EcoSystems Technology, Proctor & Gamble, the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project, and the University of Texas-Arlington.

To learn more about career opportunities with your biology degree, visit the Center for Career & Professional Development.