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Facilities & Equipment

student using microscope

The Biology Department maintains research facilities and equipment to support faculty and student research. All equipment in our Biology Core Lab and Microscopy Core Lab are available for all faculty and students to use. Our faculty embrace a shared equipment policy in which equipment maintained by individual faculty is available for others to use after proper training.

Specialized Facilities  Cellular/Molecular Biology Equipment
Vivarium Bead beaters
Aquatic facility Sonicators
Bat flight facility Maxwell automated DNA/RNA extraction system
Walk-in cold room Gene Pulser Xcell electroporation system
Walk-in environmental chamber Gel electrophoresis boxes
High-performance computer cluster Gel imagers
  NanoDrop Microvolume Spectrophotometer
General Equipment Bioanalyzer
Autoclaves Experion On-chip Gel Electrophoresis System
Dishwashers Bio-Plex
Refrigerators Thermal cyclers
-20 Freezers qPCR detection systems
-80 Freezers Genetic analyzer
Liquid nitrogen freezers Hemocytometers
Liquid nitrogen dewars Flow cytometer
Biosafety cabinets Automated cell counter
Chemical fume hoods  
Variable temperature incubators Biomolecule/Chemical Analysis Equipment
Variable temperature incubator shakers Fast protein liquid chromatography system
Carbon dioxide incubators High pressure liquid chromatograph
Room temperatures centrifuges (for tubes and plates) Gas chromatograph
Variable temperature centrifuges Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer
Hematocrit tube centrifuge Vis/Fluorescent spectrophotometer
Orbital shakers Mercury analyzer
Rocking shakers Plate reader
Maxi Rotator Spectrophotometers
Water baths Luminometer
Hot blocks  Solid phase extraction manifold
Heating plates pH meters
Magnetic stir plates Conductivity/salinity meters
Paddle blender (Stomacher) Dissolved oxygen meters
Speed vacuum concentrator Fluoride meter
Single-channel pipettes Ammonia meter
Multi-channel pipettes Nitrite meter
Repeater pipettes  
  Field Biology Equipment
Microscopy and Imaging Equipment YSI environmental probes
Light box Backpack shocker
Light microscopes Emergent insect traps
Light microscope w/ imaging system Minnow traps
Dissecting microscopes Sediment Sieves
Inverted microscopes Waders
Inverted microscope w/ heated stage and imaging system  
Phase contrast microcope w/ imaging system Highly-specialized equipment
Fluorescent microscopes w/ imaging system Swim flume
Photostereomicroscope Optomotor response chamber
Thermal imaging camera C-start arena
Digital cameras  
High-speed camera