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Department of Computer Science

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students working on a computer

The department maintains several computing laboratories for use by students. A separate laboratory is maintained for use by students enrolled in the department’s computer hardware courses. Additionally, two research laboratories (Wireless Technology and Security Lab and the Mobile HCI Lab) are available for students to engage in research with faculty members. All laboratories may be accessed 24 hours a day.

Laser printers are provided in all of the department’s student laboratories. A wide variety of software tools are provided for student use as they are an important part of the learning experience in the BS programs of this department. Some of these tools are loaded on all of the lab computers maintained by the department and others are provided on an as needed basis.

  • Digital Circuits Lab - TUC 323
  • System/Network Lab - TUC 328
  • Senior Design Lab - TUC 330
  • Upper Division Lab - TUC 331
  • Mobile HCI Lab - TUC 325
  • Wireless Technology and Security Lab - TUC 326