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Department of Computer Science

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Majors & Minors

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (CoSc) 

This program emphasizes course work in systems software, data structures, computer graphics, algorithms, operating systems, computer architecture, and other theoretical areas.  The program focuses on the development of new computer technology and is the recommended program for students who plan to pursue graduate studies in the computing sciences. 

Courses & Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology (CITe) 

This program focuses on the application of computer technology (both hardware and software) in the workplace.  While there is some overlap of courses between the two programs, the BS CITe degree includes courses in system and network administration, interface design and scripting fundamentals, database administration, and project management. 

Courses & Requirements
Minors Offered by the Department 

Minor in Computer Science (CoSc)
Minor in Computer Information Technology (CITe)
Minor in Data Science (CoSc)