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Department of Biology

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We are a student-centered department committed to the teacher-scholar model. We do not view teaching and scholarship as mutually exclusive endeavors, rather we consider them to be synergistic activities that make us better scholars and better teachers. Student learning is central to our mission; we hire faculty who are passionate about teaching and highly trained in their area of teaching specialty. Our students benefit from a wide-range of course offerings that train them across all areas of biology from the biomedical to the ecological using an evolution-centered curriculum. Our courses are also taken by non-Biology students pursuing health-related careers or interested in learning about the natural sciences. Through our teaching, we prepare students for their careers and empower them with the knowledge and critical-thinking skills needed to act as responsible global citizens.

Our tenure-track faculty actively pursue research in a variety of areas within the biological sciences ranging from molecular biology to ecology. Through research, we advance scientific knowledge and provide unique opportunities that enhance student learning.   Biology undergraduate and graduate students engage in rigorous hypothesis driven research. Nearly 70% of the articles published by our faculty feature undergraduate and graduate student co-authors. Our students and faculty also regularly present their research at regional, national, and international scientific conferences. We invite all students to explore the faculty research areas page to find a lab that matches their interests.

Advising and mentoring students is a critical part of our mission and provides students with the personalized touch that TCU is known for. Through individual advising appointments, faculty work alongside students to develop academic and professional development plans tailored to suit their specific needs and career goals. Our open-door policy ensures that faculty are accessible to all students whether they need assistance with course material or seek academic and career guidance.    As Biologists, we understand the importance of diversity for a flourishing ecosystem, and we believe the same is true of a productive department. We strive to ensure all students and members of our Department feel respected and welcome regardless of their race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, socio-economic status, ability status or any other characteristics that give individuals their unique and valued perspectives. 

Welcome to the Department of Biology!