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Undergraduate Teaching Assistants and Tutoring

Teaching Assistant

Undergraduate Teaching Assistantships

The department offers undergraduate students the opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience and earn upper level biology credit (BIOL 40320/40330).  Undergraduate TAs work closely with faculty in the classroom to augment student learning. A list of biology courses for which undergraduates serve as TAs appears below. Each TA position is unique and specific duties vary from course to course. Though students are typically invited or recommended to serve as TAs by their faculty advisors, students interested in teaching should contact the course instructor to express their interest. 

Teaching Introductory-level Biology (Biol 40320)

Introduction to Biological Investigation
Contemporary issues in Biology

Teaching of Advanced Biology (Biol 40330)

Microbiology of Human Disease
Anatomy & Physiology I and II
Developmental Biology
Fundamentals of Biochemistry
Mammalian Physiology

Undergraduate Tutoring

We offer undergraduate students the opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience by serving as paid tutors for Introductory Biology I & II. Undergraduate tutors hold weekly tutoring sessions.